Come funzione Invisalign



The mechanism of action of aligners is , after all, pretty simple. Each aligner must be worn for 2 weeks, every day for at least 22 hours (it is only removed for eating and brushing your teeth) . In this way, each aligner can express its maximum potential which consists of movements planned with the clin check , at a rate of 0.25 mm per tooth. All this is done with a precision that I would define fine, thanks to the great power of the softwear clin check and to the accuracy with which the aligners are made. The indications for the use of this technique are the same as for fixed appliances . That is to say that any malocclusion treatable by fixed appliances , can be treated with equal success using Invisalign . In fact, I can honestly say that Invisalign has suddenly made old any type of fixed appliance , making them look as antiquated and obsolete devices. I say this because with any type of fixed appliance , you can move your teeth with the same precision and certainty as you can do with Invisalign. The substantial difference is that in the case of straight wire appliances, which are undoubtedly the most widely used nowadays , the teeth are all moved simultaneously. So it must then "deal" with a series of unwanted movements that affect some teeth which should not be involved by these displacements. These "side effects" of straight wire appliances, once occurred, require correction which in turn determine the inevitabile lenghtening of the treatment. The same can be said about the edgwise appliances designed by Dr. Tweed: these devices , rather widespread in the 60s and 70s , are now largely fallen into disuse because of their operational complexity. While providing a discrete movement control on each tooth, they certainly can not compare with the ease of use of Invisalign and with the results obtained with this method (not to mention aesthetics ! ) Not surprisingly overseas, there are already many orthodontists who have abandoned all other technique and they treat their patients exclusively with Invisalign (Invisalign Exclusivist)! Ultimately, Invisalign allows you to not only get better results than the fixed appliances , but also faster , thanks to the precision with which the teeth are moved in a focused and progressive way, with no unwanted movements. In some cases, compared to the traditional fixed appliances , you can get to the end of treatment in half the time!